Victoria Überegger – Our Space is our Canvas

We spend 90% of our lives indoors. Imagine how much time is that—being in the confines of a space that either supports you or restricts you. These spaces cultivate our experience and awareness that draw the lines between these spaces.

And so for Victoria Überegger, holistic interior designer and fellow yoga practitioner, spaces such as our home should be designed according to the story that its owners want to tell. Every home should look completely different from the next person’s home and each space within a home should reflect how the homeowner wants to feel, what habits they want to create.

Motivated by her own experience, Victoria worked to adopt a holistic approach to interior design through yoga because she knew how a person can take out all the fear and angst that he/she accumulates from a house into his/her social life. Growing up with so much fear and anxiety from living in an old, almost horror house-looking building in the middle of a beautiful city was, to her, next to a traumatic childhood.

As Westerners, we always think of a trajectory—that we’re on a target and we always and continuously have to move forward like an arrow. We thought it’s that strain swift move, but if you look closer, it’s swinging. Like in life, all these pulsations—the endless contraction and expansion—always reflect the polarity of life.

In this podcast, Victoria and Alex exchange and share very profound yet practical tips to create that space that truly reflects one’s vision. Some of them are bringing pieces of nature indoors, reconnecting us with the sense of quietness and nature within ourselves, and getting rid of all toxins that are already pre-existing before moving in.

The philosophy is simple: Try not to possess it all. Let it go. At the end of the day, our home is where we take refuge. After all, our home is our comfort.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 02:15 – 6:50 Victoria’s Journey to Holistic Interior Design
  • 11:24 – 12:30 Broadening the Horizon through Yoga
  • 15:49 – 17:02 Holistic Interior Design reflects the homeowner’s identity, experience, and expression
  • 20:25 – 23:44 Making a Space your OWN
  • 25:05 – 28:33 Creating your space from a blank canvas

Pocket Quotes

  • The spaces we live in manifest in our life. – Victoria Überegger
  • To create something with meaning, you have to stop and be with YOU and sit with YOU and deal with yourself. – Victoria Überegger
  • A room is a big blank canvas. Everything comes together to portray one big vision board – the most important is the vision part. – Alexandra Kreis
  • There has never been a better time to reimagine your home than at least the first lockdown. Anything that’s wrong with your home, you know it now. – Victoria Überegger

Guest Bio

SpaceVictoria Überegger is a holistic interior designer and at the same time, a yoga practitioner, from Innsbruck, Austria.


Victoria is from South Tyrol, a multi-language province in the north of Italy on the border to Austria; therefore, she is able to speak fluent Italian, German, and English. She is an open–minded, creative person, who allows her to think outside the box and can work in a team or by herself to solve problems at hand.