Shawn Flot – Tangible Adjustment After Physical Trauma

Not being able to do the physical things that we used to do, especially those activities that we love and have become part of our identity can be heartbreaking. It can turn our world upside down. We’ve heard about athletes, dancers, who have been physically active their entire lives, made careers out of their passion for movement, but suddenly shift after getting injured or “physically worn out.”

This episode’s guest had a similar awakening—Shawn Flot, a triathlete and physical therapist, one day found himself in debilitating pain, his physical prowess crumbling irreversibly. But his struggle, with the guidance and support of communities working on mobility and movement like the Lowen Systems, yoga, and breathwork, brought him to a deeper understanding of trauma, physical and physiological dynamics, and ultimately, to help people now.

This insightful conversation reminds us that there can be so much going on beneath the surface simply because our bodies are designed to hold the pressure up to a certain threshold. Symptoms and pain don’t show up until the body can’t adapt anymore. And so, as we look after our wellbeing—which is not confined in the facets of the physical needs—we have to be aware of and master the other realms that help to support us.

Movement, hands-on work, breath work are some promising interventions that we can to support healing and recovering our optimum function. But at the end of the day, these are but reminders of the infinite gift of this world for us to live fully. Because we have somehow forgotten that we coexist for a reason: we belong to each other and are dependent on each other.

Bridging the healing arts of Yoga, physical therapy, and manual therapy, Shawn shares his wealth of experience and knowledge through his programs within Moving Into Harmony with a mission: to create space and options for people to take back their power over their bodies; to be back in the body.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 03:34 – 09:27: Journey to discovering movement, forces, and harmony
  • 10:51 – 12:07: Understanding the Body and Pain
  • 16:05 – 21:15: ‘Hearing’ the body and creating space for options
  • 21:29 – 23:41: The Well-Explored Life: For those who are interested to actually be in their bodies.
  • 25:51 – 34:11: Breathwork: Constant expansion-contraction is the way of life.

Pocket Quotes

  • Symptoms, pain doesn’t show up until the body can’t adapt anymore. The facets of our wellbeing aren’t just physical, diet, etc… There are so many other realms that help to support us. We may look like we’re doing well, but something else may be under the surface. – Shawn Flot
  • The advantage of a hands-on setting: the patient feels being heard and the body knows it. People do feel the shifts. It is like giving back the person and their body options to heal. It’s up to them through movement, like yoga, to implement and integrate those new options. – Shawn Flot
  • We’ve been so self-made, individualized, but we forget that we belong to each other and are dependent on each other. It’s no harm if you can’t move correctly and someone else assists you. – Alexandra Kreis
  • Breath is so intimately close to wounding in traumatic events. Breath is divine, always available. Use the breath to reopen the aperture – that’s healing. – Shawn Flot
  • Don’t force yourself to strive to get rid of the trauma but be with it. This body has so much amazing love for you and potential. The more we can be with it, the more companionship will support us. – Shawn Flot

Guest Bio

Shawn M. Flot, PT, MPT is mobility and movement practitioner who bridges the healing arts of Yoga, Physical Therapy, and Manual Therapy in his Moving Into Harmony programs and solutions. He runs a clinic in Southern Oregon, USA, and also offers his programs through