Harnessing Sexual Energy to Align One’s Self – Carole Piriou

What we do in our day-to-day lives circles around how society has shaped our thoughts, priorities, and where we should put our energy into. Women, in particular, are expected to be mothers, homemakers, wives, and breadwinners, without considering their genuine wants and deep desires.

In this episode, our guest will talk about how we can start living the fulfilled lives that we envision by being attuned to what our body needs and harnessing our sexual energy and power toward self-alignment and actualization.

Carole Piriou, the founder of The Wisdom of Desire, is a mother, a wife, and a life coach. She is a French mother of twin girls living with her husband and his twin sons in the Netherlands.

Women in a similar situation may be overwhelmed, having to manage a full household and a job. Society sets expectations on the role of women at home that acting on their creative endeavors and deepest desires are almost always put in the backseat. In the process, women lose themselves, the feeling of being alive and desired, which forces them to live draining and unfulfilling lives.

Carole supports women who want to overcome that kind of life by helping them release the pain and tension they have from within and reconnect with their passion. She shares that women should align themselves with their inner guidance – be in the moment and listen to their bodies, especially in their pelvic area. It may be deemed taboo to society, but women should not be ashamed of freeing themselves and harnessing their sexual powers and desires. Sexuality, sensuality, and wanting the feeling of being desired is not confined to a certain age, look, or body type. For her, fulfilling these wants will help the head and heart be aligned and let energy in the body flow more naturally.

Sex and sexuality are a part of self-empowerment. Carole works with women to heal from trauma and find their pleasure again. She helps women rewire and re-sensitize the nervous system, identify what is pleasurable for them and the amount of power they have in their bodies. In doing so, women can redirect and focus their energy on their specific goals and desires. Carole guides women in finding the balance between wanting to do something and acting on it. Not trying to conform to society and valuing oneself and passions will ultimately boost one’s confidence, creativity and revitalize their life.


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Pocket Quotes

  • All of us are trying to find what really is our purpose and what really keeps us aligned, and there’s a lot of healing to be done on that part, first of all, questioning the expectation we put on ourselves, about what we should do and what we should achieve. Working with sexuality and sensuality is coming back to the very primal source of ecstasy and bliss, and rediscovering your body as a source of endless pleasure. – Carole Piriou
  • We come from a society that for centuries has been unsafe for women to tap into that (sexual) power. How do we repress that in ourselves? Body shame, body hatred, we take too long in bed, we have too much in our heads, we’re broken, orgasms are not for us, we give up on ourselves. We develop this numbness towards this part of ourselves because it’s painful to feel all of that. We internalize it as our own fault like we are broken. – Carole Piriou
  • As long as we have shame, fear, and guilt with a really important part of our body and our being, it mirrors in other areas of our life: how confident you are in your job, in being intimate with not only your partner or yourself, but with the world, with reality. The level of you being comfortable with reality is affected with how intimate you can be with yourself. – Carole Piriou
  • There is a balance between doing and being. And when they are in sync, it’s really beautiful to go and do things in the world and go make impact. – Carole Piriou
  • You are not broken, you have so much aliveness in you. We all have this inside of us, we all have this power, this confidence, this pleasure. It takes some work to release all of these, but it’s possible for everyone. And life on the other side is amazing. – Carole Piriou

Guest Bio

EnergyCarole Piriou is the founder of The Wisdom of Desire established in 2021. She works one on one with women to restore their desire, aliveness and creativity. Part of her work is to reconnect them with their sexual energy, pleasure, and orgasms. She goes to the root of the problem and creates more bliss for women. She studied sexuality coaching with Layla Martin for 6 years and also uses jade eggs in her coaching. She loves to learn continuously to gain mastery on her craft. She is French but has been living in the Netherlands for 15 years with her family.

Amanda Rose – Insightful Sex Education

We’re back in the house with Amanda Rose – to enlighten us on this topic that we don’t necessarily find easy to talk about in other spaces.

Sex education is meant to lead us to great sex, a better understanding of ourselves, and a deeper connection with our partners.

When you know and understand your body, you can communicate to your partner easily and thus increase satisfaction. And that builds confidence in each and a strong bond between them.

Amanda Rose talks about these in our two-part episode with her.

The types of Erotic Blueprints and learning your erotic language to express what turns you on and turns you off are some of the keys she’s sharing to open the doors to sexual pleasure for your partner and from your partner.

With no holds barred, Amanda continues to take us on in this enlightening conversation about how we can discover our own language, better understand a partner’s language, and how to use this road map to embrace and fulfill our desires. And to actually free ourselves!

Amanda also shares some of her expert knowledge on kinds of orgasm and playing the gender role. Understanding that pleasure can come from within or without, there’s an exciting way ahead—a wonderful journey—that you and your partner can traverse together or separately. And you’ll get heaps of advice from here!

As a certified and experienced sex educator, she’s has helped many couples figure out problems in their relationship and we’re lucky to have her bravely share her work with us in this podcast!

This is an important conversation you don’t want to miss!

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Podcast Highlights

  • 3:11-4:14 – Internal Pleasure and Erotic Blueprints
  • 5:54-9:11- Gender Roles and Orgasm
  • 10:47-11:26 – Shame of Orgasm
  • 20:56-21:51 – Sex and Religion
  • 22:06-23:44 – Sex Education
  • 26:03-27:34 – Pleasure Responsibility
  • 30:07 -30:44 – Pleasure and Respect
  • 33:28:34:04 – Sex and our Nervous System

Pocket Quotes

  • “There’s so much focus on orgasm as the ultimate goal and we are so fixated on that in our heads that we miss the rest of what’s going on.” – Amanda Rose
  • “When you take the goal off the table, there’s all this pressure that goes away.” – Amanda Rose
  • “Shame isn’t attached to orgasm, it’s just the shame that lives in our body. When you open yourself up and to be seen and maybe some of that gets triggered.” – Amanda Rose
  • “Be fully present and alive. If I’m fully present and consciously alive and feeling what’s happening in my body and what’s happening around me, that to me feels orgasmic. It feels like I’m fully expanded.” – Amanda Rose 
  • “I turn to sex but sex is god, sex is creation and it’s my version of god.” – Amanda Rose

Guest Bio

Amanda Rose is a certified and experienced sex educator. She has been privileged enough to help many couples figure out problems in their love lives. Coach and long time doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She works with people who want to bring more pleasure, excitement and self expression into their lives. Amanda is here to help you remember who you are, and to remind you of the magic words “pleasure, consent, sovereignty and communication.”

Amanda Rose – Knowing your Pleasure Blueprint

In this latest episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey, we are embarking on a conversation not often (and openly) talked about in still a lot of spaces. A good way to start the season, Amanda Rose is leading us to a free flow of exchange and critical discussion about the things that bring us holistic wellness—including sex and pleasure!

The physical connection can do a lot of things to the human body—a newborn being cradled by the mother, a warm hug for someone who’s depressed and feeling down, sex for those in intimate relationships.

When couples have challenges keeping that ‘fire’ of physical intimacy, relationship challenges often come up. Not all the time, of course.

Couples feel less connected and bonded, and thus, feel less affectionate and loving. Sex is then often attributed to strong and happy relationships

But the benefits of sexual pleasure don’t end there.

Learning more about each other’s physical erotic zones is one of the ways to make sure that sex translates to pleasure and bliss and our bodies reap the benefits from that sexual energy.
Amanda, a sex educator, and pleasure advocate educates us about the importance of pleasure and explains the erotic blueprints. She works with people who want to bring more pleasure, excitement, and self-expression into their lives.

To her, understanding the Blueprint will guide you in creating your map to pleasure, communicate your needs to others, and navigate compatibility with your partners—things that are very important in nurturing a healthy relationship not only with your partner but to yourself as well.

Sexual energy is creative energy! And so nourishing this energy inside you is also a way to bring out and share a version of yourself that is aligned and inflow.

Don’t miss this!


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Podcast Highlights

  • 3:21-5:26 – Something Missing in our Body
  • 6:19-9:15 – Erotic Blueprints
  • 11:46-14:46 – Pleasure
  • 17:31-18:26 – Emotion and Pleasure
  • 20:11-22:55 – Exploring Erotic Blueprint
  • 23:50-26:08 – Pleasure Creation
  • 26:36-28:43 – Masculine and Femenine Energy

Pocket Quotes

  • “Our sexual energy is essentially our creative energy.” – Amanda Rose
  • “If you feel fragile, be fragile and don’t see it as weak or bad.” – Amanda Rose
  • “Having freedom to talk about different styles and freedom to express ourselves in different ways feels like a huge step in the right direction.” – Amanda Rose
  • “Happiness is just being present, being alive, being aware of your aliveness and your divinity.” – Amanda Rose

Guest Bio

Amanda Rose is  a certified and experienced sex educator. She has been privileged enough to help many couples figure out problems in their love lives. Coach and long time do TERRA Wellness Advocate. She works with people who want to bring more pleasure, excitement and self expression into their lives. Amanda is here to help you remember who you are, and to remind you of the magic words “pleasure, consent, sovereignty and communication.”