Nicole Henkel – Yoga and Politics

For sure, you’ve read this many times before: yoga is more than just a movement exercise. While we see many videos, platforms, or even apps that offer yoga as part of a fitness program, the full meaning, and benefits of yoga are beyond the sweat and calories you burn out during each practice.

For those who’ve been in the practice, yoga is a mind and body practice. Yoga is a way of life—of a constant union of the mind and body into the space and energy we’re moving in.

The ancient Indian practice of yoga combines meditation, breathing, and precise postures and poses to make a connection with thoughts, body, and spirit. People who practice yoga say it leads to a state of physical health, relaxation, happiness, peace, and tranquility.

Its range of benefits won’t fit the space for the description of this podcast!

Yoga changes lives. This episode’s guest, Nicole Henkel, can attest to that as yoga changed her perspective, even led her to politics. There’s something about yoga that penetrates right to the heart and those who begin their yoga journey often find themselves feeling more compassionate about other people and the world around them.

In this podcast, Nicole Henkel, a well-trained yoga teacher, talks about yoga and politics. She teaches yoga full-time for more than a decade and has taught yoga worldwide. She also shares about her journey being a yoga teacher and the moment she discovered she had cancer.

Nicole is also sharing motivating words about how yoga helped her when she had cancer and how it changed her life. But yoga is no magic pill. It’s the change that happens in you that is.

Join Nicole and Alex in this next episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey!

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Podcast Highlights

  • 3:36-7:05 – Yoga and Politics
  • 10:15-15:18 – Nicole’s Journey
  • 20:29-23:47 – Is yoga a magic pill
  • 24:56-27:12 – Fighting
  • 27:44-29:45 – What Yoga means to Nicole
  • 30:47 -31:46 – Meditation
  • 33:19-35:52 – Yoga and Righteousness

Pocket Quotes

  • “We don’t know how far we have to push ourselves in order to see the boon that’s waiting for us. Sometimes it comes in horrible ways until we wake up and get really clear.”  Alexandra Kreis
  • “You have to be conscious and you have to connect to every power and force.” – Nicole Henkel
  • “I’m a dreamer to make this place better.” – Nicole Henkel
  • “I’m a cancer survivor. Yoga made me change my life.” – Nicole Henkel
  • “Be brave enough to be the change.” – Nicole Henkel

Guest Bio

Nicole is a yoga teacher for more than a decade and has taught yoga worldwide. She has trained with renowned yoga teachers like Sri Guru Dharma Mittra, who enabled her to deepen her knowledge about the Marga Asthanga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Nicole studied anatomy and physiology intensively and incorporated aspects of yoga therapy into her yoga classes. She has a deep knowledge of Vedic Chanting and Yoga Therapy within the Krishnamacharya yoga mandiram.