Diana Pieper – Living your Dream

Have you also had that moment where you feel quite accomplished yet something still feels not quite right?

In this episode, Diana Pieper, the woman behind Yoga Cafe – Mindful Life, will share how she journeyed that unthreaded road to success and living her dream.

Diana drew her inspiration from moments of exhaustion in her former job. For years, she had sat on her office desk from morning till afternoon. She knew something’s missing. She felt she wanted something that gives her more freedom to do what she loves like yoga– and sipping coffee!

Diana took herself off work started traveling. She met her partner and together they decided to return to Berlin and open a Cafe together, which originally was called Wanderlust. Diana took this big step because they felt why not try to make these things come together– community, yoga, and a place to recoup and sip coffee.

But it was no walk in the park. Diana shares how overwhelming the steps to getting to her dream and being in that place could actually get. Less sleep, more mental and physical work, thinking round the clock– having your own time when running your own business is such a myth! Diana had to decide on everything, from the little details in cups and spoons to the bigger tasks such as constructing the place– it was pure hard work driven by passion.  Diana’s journey perfectly captures how it takes a tribe to make a dream come true.

Indeed, the challenges allowed Diana to grow into the successful person that she is right now. But this success also led her to realize the constant need to re-center and take a step back to see with clarity. Whether you are living your dream, or on your way there, this conversation reminds us to always allow ourselves to feel what we’re feeling. It can be exhausting and overwhelming even more than your former job. But the greatest difference between feeling exhausted in a job that does not fulfill you and to run something that contributes to the community is that the latter makes the struggle all worth it. Diana reminds us to trust that everything will fall into their right places. And never forget to stay open, never lose compassion for ourselves; never forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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Podcast Highlights

  • I was kinda tired of being in the office from morning until evening. It didn’t feel quite right. I knew something was missing. But I think everything happens for a reason. – Diane Pieper
  • Resources that helped in the journey: First, a lot of help from friends, from the small to the big things. Second, to stick to my practice. At some point, I lost it and I thought I really need to get back to it to feel less exhausted and feel myself again.  – Diane Pieper
  • We have dreams and we are determined to get there. But along our journey, we often find ourselves on unthreaded paths and so we have to carve our own way to pursue those dreams. What’s admirable with Diana is her unwavering commitment to get there while serving others and looking after herself as well. This is what enables her to give out to others even more. And a lot of people forget to do this. – Alexandra Kreis
  • I need to step back a little and to get a clearer vision of where I want to go or what I want to do. Right now, I want to talk to friends, hear about their experiences and advice, and try to take the pressure off myself which I’m putting on myself. – Diane Pieper
  • I’m more on the outside growing phase because I want to make the cafe work. The decisions I’m making are from my head and not my heart. The inside is coming soon. – Diane Pieper
  • Message to listeners: It doesn’t always need to be more, more, more, or about crazy big success or money; it’s about finding happiness in yourself. The more you reach that, the more you’re able to communicate and share that with other people. – Diane Pieper


Guest Bio

Diana PieperDiana Pieper is passionate about yoga. Being a yoga teacher is more than just a job for her; it’s a calling. Practicing yoga for the last 10 years, she teaches her students how yoga is more than a sequence of exercises but bringing the body and soul into harmony through meditation concentration, breathing, and movement. She teaches Hatha Vinyasa which is a dynamic yoga style that combines movement and breath to form a flowing unity.