Harnessing Sexual Energy to Align One’s Self – Carole Piriou

What we do in our day-to-day lives circles around how society has shaped our thoughts, priorities, and where we should put our energy into. Women, in particular, are expected to be mothers, homemakers, wives, and breadwinners, without considering their genuine wants and deep desires.

In this episode, our guest will talk about how we can start living the fulfilled lives that we envision by being attuned to what our body needs and harnessing our sexual energy and power toward self-alignment and actualization.

Carole Piriou, the founder of The Wisdom of Desire, is a mother, a wife, and a life coach. She is a French mother of twin girls living with her husband and his twin sons in the Netherlands.

Women in a similar situation may be overwhelmed, having to manage a full household and a job. Society sets expectations on the role of women at home that acting on their creative endeavors and deepest desires are almost always put in the backseat. In the process, women lose themselves, the feeling of being alive and desired, which forces them to live draining and unfulfilling lives.

Carole supports women who want to overcome that kind of life by helping them release the pain and tension they have from within and reconnect with their passion. She shares that women should align themselves with their inner guidance – be in the moment and listen to their bodies, especially in their pelvic area. It may be deemed taboo to society, but women should not be ashamed of freeing themselves and harnessing their sexual powers and desires. Sexuality, sensuality, and wanting the feeling of being desired is not confined to a certain age, look, or body type. For her, fulfilling these wants will help the head and heart be aligned and let energy in the body flow more naturally.

Sex and sexuality are a part of self-empowerment. Carole works with women to heal from trauma and find their pleasure again. She helps women rewire and re-sensitize the nervous system, identify what is pleasurable for them and the amount of power they have in their bodies. In doing so, women can redirect and focus their energy on their specific goals and desires. Carole guides women in finding the balance between wanting to do something and acting on it. Not trying to conform to society and valuing oneself and passions will ultimately boost one’s confidence, creativity and revitalize their life.


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Pocket Quotes

  • All of us are trying to find what really is our purpose and what really keeps us aligned, and there’s a lot of healing to be done on that part, first of all, questioning the expectation we put on ourselves, about what we should do and what we should achieve. Working with sexuality and sensuality is coming back to the very primal source of ecstasy and bliss, and rediscovering your body as a source of endless pleasure. – Carole Piriou
  • We come from a society that for centuries has been unsafe for women to tap into that (sexual) power. How do we repress that in ourselves? Body shame, body hatred, we take too long in bed, we have too much in our heads, we’re broken, orgasms are not for us, we give up on ourselves. We develop this numbness towards this part of ourselves because it’s painful to feel all of that. We internalize it as our own fault like we are broken. – Carole Piriou
  • As long as we have shame, fear, and guilt with a really important part of our body and our being, it mirrors in other areas of our life: how confident you are in your job, in being intimate with not only your partner or yourself, but with the world, with reality. The level of you being comfortable with reality is affected with how intimate you can be with yourself. – Carole Piriou
  • There is a balance between doing and being. And when they are in sync, it’s really beautiful to go and do things in the world and go make impact. – Carole Piriou
  • You are not broken, you have so much aliveness in you. We all have this inside of us, we all have this power, this confidence, this pleasure. It takes some work to release all of these, but it’s possible for everyone. And life on the other side is amazing. – Carole Piriou

Guest Bio

EnergyCarole Piriou is the founder of The Wisdom of Desire established in 2021. She works one on one with women to restore their desire, aliveness and creativity. Part of her work is to reconnect them with their sexual energy, pleasure, and orgasms. She goes to the root of the problem and creates more bliss for women. She studied sexuality coaching with Layla Martin for 6 years and also uses jade eggs in her coaching. She loves to learn continuously to gain mastery on her craft. She is French but has been living in the Netherlands for 15 years with her family.

Importance of Routines and Schedules

As parents or adults, we are aware that routines help kids acquire and learn skills, attitudes, and discipline. Remember when you were a kid being told and reminded over and over to sleep and wake up at a certain time? Even the mealtimes and playtimes? Thanks to that we have learned to establish a structure that led us to understand more complicated life stuff.

But what about adults? Have we really become exempt from the drill? Many of us, grownups, have despised setting a daily routine and chose to ‘wing’ the day as part of claiming independence, self-determination, and freedom.

Big words, huh? But who said routines take away these things from you?

In fact, research shows that many people feel more stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed without established routines and schedules. As a result, people begin falling short of their goals and true potential. And thus, compromising their ability to live with full independence and freedom.

Many people who don’t have any type of routine suffer from:

  • Stress. Overwhelmed by the number of tasks here and there that seem to come all at the same time.
  • Poor sleep. When there are stress and anxiety, your brain cannot rest and give you a good sleep.
  • Poor eating. Without norms or schedules for, say, grocery shopping and meal prep, the busy adult and city life, will just push and bump you from all sides to just grab an unhealthy and quick fix from the fast food resto.
  • Poor physical condition. Regular exercise is just about routine and schedule. And endless has been said about the health benefits of regular exercise!

Hence, research suggests that, even for adults, designing a routine that works best for each of us is key to being productive, in control, and being the best person we can possibly be.

And here’s the top 8 reasons why routines are very important ingredients to a happy, fulfilled, and maximized living:

1. It creates structures.

Routines and schedules draw out the framework within which conduct our daily activities and live our lives. As you create a structure, you create a system, a flow that makes accomplishing tasks a breeze.

2. We save resources—time and money!

These two are such precious resources, especially these days. But by following a routine, we free up time that would otherwise be spent on planning, decision-making, and repeated preparation. We also save up money by spending it on priorities and planned manner (READ: non-impulsive shopping). Very practical stuff like bulk buying, batch cooking, etc. And by doing so, we create space for things that would further enhance our health and overall wellbeing.

3. We become more efficient.

Routines and schedules make up a good plan. And as you implement this plan, the set schedules enable us to know exactly what tasks we need to do each day or the next without having to contemplate, decide or think too much. TTDs (things-to-do) are fleshed out at once and so our day is just about actually ticking those boxes.

medtiation challange
4. We make good examples.

Remember we said kids need routines to train their systems? So, by following some ourselves, and actually building the household around established routines and schedules, we imbibe discipline and become good examples to our young ones.

5. Priorities first.

Routines force us to decide and prioritize doing what is important to us. Instead of navigating the decision-making process on a daily basis, routines and schedules give outline everything that we need to do and in what order according to how we have planned it.

6. Builds our self-confidence.

As we become familiar with our tasks ahead, we get more comfortable doing them and become masters of the game. And as we tick the boxes—accomplish milestones—we become more confident about achieving our set goals.

7. Better health.

Manageable tasks and responsibilities ahead mean less stress, less anxiety. Which translates to better sleep and a better outlook. Ang of course, as we place the right amount of time, effort, and material resources for a healthier diet, physical activity, and all other self-care practices, we build a much healthier body, mind, and spirit.

8. Keeps track of our goals and success.

Carved out from our plan, routines and schedules are markers for our milestones. Of course, good planning allows for adjustments according to our situation. But it also keeps our guard and conscious about slacking and letting the day take over us. At the very least, schedules remind us how far we’ve gone from the track and pulls us back to the right one.

But always remember, the point here is actually about being mindful of our choices. Routines and schedules should never bring us in auto-pilot mode. But rather build in us the habit of making conscious choices to live a maximized life.

Cecilia Mueller Stahl – From #guiltypleasure to Satisfaction

In this podcast, we have again Cecilia Muller Stahl, actress and manifestation coach from Berlin. She’s the queen of the art of getting to the core of who we are, called deep manifestation from the soul.

Cecilia came into manifestation as a part of her healing journey and bodywork, which she explains not just about the body touch but also about touching the soul. Having worked through herself using different methods from different people, she realized that she has the hunger to help others heal. It was then that she felt it’s her calling– that something that had been missing the entire time she was on and off the stage as an actress.

Helping women struggling with issues around food and body image was Cecilia’s first work. She holds a special place for people going through the same things she went through. Her journey taught her that no one deserves to have that feeling of ‘no self-worth, no deep connection; always in the spiral of wanting to eat then self-loathing for doing that’, just as she did back then.

To her, when we get to do what we want, that’s when our lives come to fruition. It is how our soul starts to speak, communicate who we really are and unlocking the powers that we hold deep within ourselves and manifesting.

But the best part here: Alexandra and Cecilia take this conversation into a crucial topic that has put down millions of people, especially women and girls. FOOD, satisfaction, and pleasure.

Cecilia and her ideas around pleasure have exciting takes on this topic that hopefully would shift the narrative on this very important and basic human need that society has turned overly complicated. As Alex puts it, “the grandeur of nature was the richness that made me understand that life is not lacking; that life is always giving, and it’s a matter of tapping into that.”

In such a short conversation, Cecilia opens up our minds to the idea that manifesting desires and pleasure and being at peace (by letting go of the desire) can go together. She reminds us, ‘allow yourself to want what you want and bring you peace.’


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Podcast Highlights

  • Following pleasure, what feels good for my body and trusting myself and body again were my guide; not a food plan whatsoever. Then this resonated with money issues because it’s the same self-worth wound that was healing. – Cecilia Muller Stahl
  • Generally, women were not allowed to follow and enjoy their desire and pleasure. If I allow pleasure to be a priority, then I get back to really sensing what feels right, what feels good and what does not. Dieting prevents us from doing that. We have all these instincts that we need to trust. Our bodies speak and it sends clear signs. – Cecilia Muller Stahl
  • We have put a lot of restraints on ourselves but then we have to please ourselves with food or other things. We have forgotten what natural hunger is; we have unlearned to listen to know what hunger is, our desire for sleeping and resting. – Alexandra Kreis
  • We all long for satisfaction. We crave because we want this inner feeling of emptiness to be fulfilled we don’t expect to be satisfied through it. Accept that you’re hungry and that you’re curious about how does satisfaction feels and when are you going to feel it. That is when you get the understanding that you don’t have to live lacking. – Cecilia Muller Stahl
  • Don’t try to sort out your desires into fake and genuine. Instead, feel into every desire and the degree of your fulfillment. Track the feeling of completeness, track how your heart and whole being resonates with that desire. – Cecilia Muller Stahl


Guest BIO

Cecilia is a manifestation coach and actress living in Berlin. She’s working on feminine empowerment, calls herself Manifestation Queen on Instagram coming from being a priestess of pleasure. Pleasure through Body Work: Expanding pleasure in the body allows us to let all of what we are incarnate into this being. Body and spirit do this together through pleasure.


Ilyse Soutine – Befriending the subconscious

We could all agree that change, for us to be successful, has to happen not just in one area but also in our minds, bodies, and spirits. And that these three must work in synchrony, in alignment with each other. Fortunately, this is what we’re learning from today’s guest.

Meet Ilyse Soutine. A subconscious transformation coach, creator of her method called the Subconscious Shift method.

Ilyse has been on the transformational journey for about 30 years. She has been exposed to many modalities but has put the best combination of these into her methodology by reaping the lesson from her own life experience.

Having suffered from extreme depression and anxiety, a lot of violence, severe trauma from childhood, running away as a teenager, and having a hard time as an adult, Ilyse’s journey to healing and helping others to heal is truly inspiring.

Her life experience is living proof of research-backed discussions around how meditation physiologically changes the brain to make logical and sound decisions. When she found her connection to transcendental meditation and tried its consistent practice, she noticed how it helped her end the panic attacks and make better decisions and not from a place of fear, scarcity, and survival. She then came across the subconscious mind, which is now at the core of her practice and methodology.

Through the ups and downs, twists, and turns along Ilyse’s journey, she finally found her gift: to coach and help people heal. Her practice, which is devoted to the subconscious, helps people remove blocks in their subconscious to meet and be aligned with their conscious minds. She now works with entrepreneurs and coaches with programs to release what holds them back, so they become authentically aligned with what they were born to contribute to this world.

In this podcast, we are lucky to have Ilyse share lessons that come from a profound, unique place of her being and how she continues to heal and unfold the vast wisdom and knowledge from the rollercoaster ride that was her life.


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Podcast Highlights

  • When you’re in trauma, you are living from the survival part of the brain. You don’t make good decisions. But with meditation, which I learned from Gabriel Bernstein, my mind was opened up to the idea that I have a choice with which to perceive my life. – Ilyse Soutine
  • With meditation, we begin to uncover the truth of who we are that we have become so divorced from living this life. The truth that we are inherently whole, complete, and healed. When we are still, like in the practice of meditation, yoga, or just by being close to nature, we begin to become close to that truth again. – Ilyse Soutine
  • We all need each other to heal. We can’t see our blind spots. We can’t go really deep within ourselves without someone holding space for us. We’re meant to help each other heal. And I’ve learned that the hard way. – Ilyse Soutine
  • Healers and coaches are not perfect human beings. We are also continuing on our healing journey. It never stops. And that’s the beauty of it– the constant unfolding of the wisdom, strength, and knowledge. – Ilyse Soutine
  • It is not only a matter of shifting the mindset. It’s really about transforming the subconscious identity. We can’t shift our life with just reframing things. We have to go deeper and recreate and reprogram a new identity for ourselves that is in alignment. – Ilyse Soutine


Guest BIO

Ilyse Soutine is a subconscious transformation coach and creator of her method called the Subconscious Shift method. She is also a certified hypnotherapist. She helps entrepreneurs and others become happier, more plugged into their intuition, and have a stronger sense of themselves and what they’re here to do. She does this through various programs such as the Subconscious Shift Call, Hypnosis Recreated for Anxiety, among others.